10 Jun 2007

JEBO R338 aquarium light maintenance

Recently (after about a year of use), the plastic light mounts perished and almost allowed the aquarium light to drop into the tank - but this is the only real trouble I have experienced with my JEBO R338 aquarium.
At the same time I noticed for the first time that one of the bulbs had blown, but replacement was very straight forward.

I "repaired" the problem by making 4 holes in the grey plastic sides of the light chamber and using cable ties to hold the light in place. It's a good idea to cover the globe contacts with insulation tape before you replace the plastic cover.

The plastic light mounts must have worn and become brittle as a result of heat from the light. It's probably not a good idea to put anything on top of your JEBO that will limit ventilation as this could contribute to weakening of the light mounts. I will also have to watch that the cable ties do not become brittle and break.


ravendraka said...

I have the same tank. i noticed the light panel is a bit loose in the corner too. i also need new globes but having trouble finding where to buy them.

Rich said...

Not at your local fish shop? Otherwise try any lighting shop - I'm pretty sure that if the globe fits it's probably fine to use it... The globes in my hood look like stock standard lights.

Anonymous said...

I have just bought this tank and it came with a small clear tube but it doesn't tell me where to put it and also do I leave the pump running 24hrs a day? and the pump doesn't suction to the side of the tank as the attachments further up inside the lid seem to be out of alignment Thanks Shona

Rich said...

You can attach the small clear tube to the top of the t outlet on the right of the pump to draw in air if you want to attach an airsone. It's an optional part of the system. You can leave the pump running 24 hours a day, but it's fine to turn it off over night as well. Yes it's silly because the pump can't clip in and suck onto the glass at the same time. I would say just stick it to the glass - it's less noisy this way. I'm not sure if you saw my more comprehensive post on this tank here: http://richelectron.blogspot.com/2007/06/jebo-r338-aquarium.html