10 Jun 2007

JEBO R338 aquarium fish stock

My JEBO R338
aquarium is currently stocked with:

- 5 White clouds
- 1 Otocinclus catfish
- 3 Clown loaches
- 1 loan Neon tetra :(

The White clouds were the first fish that went into my tank to cycle it after it had been left running for about a week with no fish. The tank cycle is the process by which nitrifying bacteria establishes itself in the filter to facilitate waste removal. White clouds make excellent cycling fish as I didn't lose a single one in the process. The tank cycle had completed and was ready for more fish within 3 weeks.

The oto cat is an excellent little algae eater - busy and small and not as unsightly as a plecostomas - quite cute in fact. The Clown loaches have proved to be the most difficult fish to cultivate in my aquarium but they seem to cope well with a temperature of about 29 degrees C and addition of non-iodated salt with water changes. The Neon tetra is the sole survivor of his school, shame.

I feed all my fish on TetraPrima and the Clown loaches love it especially.

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