28 May 2008

Porn IS bad, and here's why...

If you are genuinely exploring this topic, then you absolutely must read the book entitled 'Every Man's Battle' by Fred Soeker and Mike Yorkey. I wish that someone had told me about this book years ago! It will challenge you to deal with the bad habits that plague men, give you a battle plan and encourage you to live like a real man.

Maybe I am naive, but it's too easy to live in the blindness that society casts on us concerning pornography. People believe that porn stars live the life - They are paid to have sex all day! And they are revered as legends, with throngs of fans who worship them through fantasy and pay to watch them!

I used to buy the sex and money facade that porn kings want people to believe. But I've become aware that porn is based on lies - The audience must believe that the porn stars are loving every minute of the perverse acts they are involved in. That's what makes porn 'okay' after all - It's fine to watch porn, as long as it involves consenting adults and they are enjoying themselves, isn't it? No one is getting hurt after all, it's legal... so what's the matter?

Porn is wrong because people do get hurt. The woman of porn do not enjoy 'it'. They do it because terrible life circumstances have forced them to make unfortunate decisions. They have perfected the art of separating themselves from their bodies, surrenderring to degradation for viewer pleasure, and they are high on drugs to numb themselves, both physically and mentally.

They are harmed
as they are forced to participate in unspeakable acts. They feel dirty from the stinky, strange men and they live in constant fear of contracting (multiple cases of) sexually transmitted diseases. Can you blame them for turning to drugs? Can you blame them for taking their own lives? They must smile and sign autographs for fans as they are interviewed by TV magazine show hosts – They are living the exciting life of a porn star. But it’s all part of the act. They have to appear to ‘enjoy’ it, in spite of actually being broken inside, or they will lose their appeal and spoil the fantasy for their fans. Belladonna, a "hardened" porn star cried on national TV when she was asked about her smile.

But don't take it from me - You can read the true stories of many porn stars/strippers at http://www.oneangrygirl.net/myth2.html and Shelley Lubben (an ex-pornstar) has an entire website dedicated to helping porn stars out of porn and people out of porn addiction. I find our light hearted approach to “porn star” branded T-shirts and jokes quite disturbing – It is evidence of how we have embraced the deception; the lies that porn stars choose their 'profession'; that they love being filmed in promiscuous and perverse sex; that they enjoy it for real and that porn is acceptable.

Porn is unacceptable, even without involving religion in the debate or exploring how it affects viewers. Girls don’t want to be broadcast with their legs open to some stranger on the internet. They are being raped! And people are watching and enjoying it! The audience is made to believe that the girl is consenting and enjoying it – That's the lie. They don't show you the porn star getting high, throwing up or crying from pain - The truth.

99% of guys are exposed to this stuff and it must affect the way they relate to women. Their heads are full of these lies. I want to stand against this deception and encourage men to treat the gentler sex as ladies. I want to encourage men to protect ladies with their strength, rather than use it to force them into submission. I call all real men to rise up and respect ladies as men should and fight against the abuse of precious women who should be properly loved and not treated like worthless meat.

Porn is not acceptable.

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