4 Apr 2012

Free082SMS expands its Free SMS offering to the UK

South African free SMS site, Free082SMS.co.za is now offering free text to the UK through its new sister site Free2text.co.uk.

Free082SMS receives a lot of traffic from the United Kingdom, (no doubt because of all the SAFAs over there) so there was a growth opportunity for the company to start catering to the UK more directly. Both sites are available internationally to users who want to send text or SMS messages to either of these destinations and the sites are linked to provide a seamless user experience.

Free2text.co.uk operates under the same conditions as Free082SMS in that free texts are released to users in batches on a first come first serve basis. So you may need to 'try again later' when text reserves become available again if you hit the sites at a very busy time.

Free text to the UK may be more appealing to users from outside the UK though, particularly in South Africa where the cost of an SMS to the UK is typically around R1.75 per text. Though demand for free text messages may not be as high as it once was with the prolific onset of smartphones and multiple data based instant messaging apps.

For the moment SMS and text are here to stay and now you can send free SMS to South Africa and free text to the UK.

2 Apr 2012

Vodacom blocks SMS robots with CAPTCHA

Vodacom has implemented a CAPTCHA on their SMS forms on vodacom.co.za.

The CAPTCHA (distorted 'polthed' text in the above image) is intended to make it difficult for 3rd party robots to send free SMS from vodacom.co.za. Websites that will be affected by this CAPTCHA include popular free SMS robot sites Free082SMS.co.za and defza.com. However, Free082SMS does offer several alternative options for free SMS in South Africa.

Otherwise Vodacom users are now forced to login to the desktop version of vodacom.co.za directly to access their ration of 20 free Vodacom SMS per day. I'm sure that Vodacom is hoping that this move will encourage Vodacom users to make increased use of the Vodacom website and get more involved in the new Vodacom Community.

Update: It is possible to access your 20 free SMS from the My Vodacom App on smartphones and it is also possible to login to the desktop version of the Vodacom website from certain phones - more info here.