16 Jun 2009

Komodo Edit is SLOW! but you can speed it up...

Update: I now user Notepad++ for development. It is much lighter and faster than Komodo.

I use ActiveState Komodo edit for most of my coding work under windows - It's not mind blowingly awesome, but it is free and it's pleasant to use for most text based files. My only gripe is that it is fairly heavy and can take an unreasonably long time to start up.

Fortunately though, it is easy enough to 'thin it out' to your requirements, using the simple add-ons interface. Simply click the 'Tools' menu, followed by the 'Add-ons' drop down in Komodo Edit and you will be presented with the ''Add-ons/Extensions/Plugins" Dialogue.

From here you can disable any extensions/plugins for languages that you don't need, restart Komodo Edit and you should notice a significantly faster load time (depending on how much you disable) - Alternatively you can prolong your startup time even further by installing any of the numerous additional Add-ons.