6 Apr 2015

Here are some reasons why I don't like Apple ...

  1. Lack of Plug and Play because there is just no getting anything done without iTunes (You can't even charge an iPhone reliably via USB on a Windows machine without some kind of minimal/hacked iTunes install - seriously, people have put together actual tutorials on how to do this).
  2. On iTunes - Can anyone argue that this is not a slow and bloated piece of crapware? Why is version 12 for Windows a 145 Mb download? Why does it need 400Mb of free hard drive space? Why does it install multiple (and random) system services like 'Bonjour' that I don't need, without asking me? And why do I need iTunes installed just to charge my device? iTunes is Windows malware created by Apple - One of the surest ways to get a Windows PC running like new is to remove all traces of iTunes.
  3. Why is it even called iTunes? Shouldn't it be called iEverything? Because it's required to manage your music, backup your phone, upgrade your phone, charge your phone, break your computer, etc etc ... 
  4. Non-compliance with industry standards like Micro USB for the sake of 'innovation' and the creation of 'new markets' where they can dupe people into purchasing R400 cables / clunky adapters that can only be used with Apple devices.
  5. Apple tries to lock everyone in. Even if I actually wanted to own an iPhone, why should I need a MacBook to get the best iPhone experience? And why do all of my friends need Apple devices to view any pictures I try to share with them on iCloud?
  6. Apple wants to tie me up and force me to do everything their way and charge me a premium for the 'privilege'.
  7. The most worrying part is that Apple has convinced so many people that the Apple way is the best way without question, I feel like I owe it to humanity to be one of the few who resists the Apple reality distortion field (Don't worry, I really don't see myself as a martyr).


Anonymous said...

thanks for this - you're not the only one to feel this way. i'm looking for a way to setup an iPhone (gift) without iTunes bloat/malware currently.

Rich said...

Hey there, I've found that it is possible to manage music using 'Media Monkey' quite effectively on an iPod, I'm not sure how well / if it would work for iPhones. I don't think it caters for Movies at all ..