14 Jan 2013

A refund from Vodacom for 4 hours of BIS downtime? Get real!

I have been surprised to hear that Vodacom BlackBerry customers are demanding refunds as a result of the short period of  BIS down time (that maybe lasted 4 hours?) on Friday 11th of Jan 2013

Frankly I think this is ridiculous! BIS costs R60 a month which is the equivalent of R2 a day or 8.3 cents an hour. So 4 hours down time x 8.3 = 33.2 cents. I understand that people feel they have a right to demand service, but seriously such an out cry over 33 cents? That's the equivalent of a single SMS message which is exactly what Vodacom sent me to apologise. I think it's unreasonable to expect anything more. This is not America people, you can't get a month's free BIS for 4 hours of down time - Get real!

Vodacom you have permission from me as a BlackBerry user to continue to focus your efforts on network quality and ignore any griping / ranting from bratty BlackBerry users who would try to manipulate you into feeling you owe them something.


Anonymous said...

That's fair , however. I am a Blackberry user. I do feel I have a right to an uninterrupted use of BIS, it's not about 33 cents. It's about a principle.

Also, I wouldn't gripe about it if they just warned me. If I received an sms or mail telling me, I would not mind at all. It would be acceptable and tolerable, but I have not as of yet received a notification telling me to expect down time or even an apology for the down time.

It all boils down to a sense of common decensy and an apiring network provider coining it on us users. If each user in South Africa stopped using Vodacoms BIS simply because of the lack of support and principle, Vodacom would have no users.

Rich said...

I hear you anonymous and I do agree that outages and network status should be reported and handled more elegantly (by all the providers, not just Vodacom). Some people can just get ridiculous though... I'm pretty sure that Vodacom (and RIM) do their best to keep the service functional and personally my experience has been that uptime is very close to 100%. But it's technology and it's foolish to believe that technology will never let you down. This is where the providers need to come to the party and let their subscribers know what's going on.