30 May 2012

Why I stopped tweeting airtime pins #AirtimeAsseblief

I run a website that does daily airtime draws in South Africa - ehtime.co.za. I thought it would be a great idea to tweet R5 airtime pins to generate hype on Twitter and promote my website(s). I even got the okay from @Vodacom to piggy back on their #AirtimeAsseblief Twitter campaign. It seemed like an excellent idea, but in reality it wasn't so great...
  • Tweeting airtime pins generated mostly negative sentiment
  • People were accusing me of Tweeting invalid / used airtime
  • Losers were playing the guilt card and trying to make me give them airtime
  • Winners didn't even tweet a lot of the time, so this offset all the negativity even more
  • People were wasting entire days refreshing my Twitter stream and harassing me - This point by itself was enough to make me stop, I had not intended for people to sit glued to Twitter all day, rather that airtime tweets would be a nice surprise that winners might stumble across by pure chance
  • It wasn't unusual for the same people to win repeatedly - even after I started tweeting the airtime pins backwards to try and give other people more of a chance
  • This meant that it wasn't unusual for the same people to lose repeatedly and become even more unreasonable about not winning
  • My website(s) did not experience any increase in traffic as a result of the airtime tweets (and traffic is what pays the airtime bills)
  • I don't think anyone got much sustainable value out of any of the above points
So I stopped tweeting airtime pins and reallocated the entire airtime budget to my airtime draw website (I am still giving away as much airtime as before, it's just all from ehtime.co.za now).

If you would like to win airtime then please enter the draw at http://ehtime.co.za, it runs every day! Additional entries are accepted after a waiting period that the site will display to you, so people can enter more than once a day to increase their chances of winning if they would like to. This way people's involvement influences their chance to win airtime directly and it does not require them to waste their time watching @mobidk tweets all day. Instead, winners are randomly selected (without human intervention) at 4pm and their voucher pins are sent to them by SMS. Entries for all the South African cellular providers are accepted as well, so it's not just limited to Vodacom or MTN.

If you ask me this is a much better #AirtimeAsseblief deal for everyone, and that's why I'm not tweeting airtime pins any more.


Monde84323 said...

Lol! Rich, is it you on mobidk? Wow! Impressive i love your business

Monde84323 said...

I always dreamed my website could be off a high standards like yours. You are doing a grate job

Rich said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great work bro!

menu said...

Goes to show you can't please them all. Keep coming up with good ideas though.