8 Nov 2011

Free SMS to South Africa

Free082SMS has been offering Free SMS to ALL South African mobile networks (including 8ta, Virgin and Red Bull Mobile) since May 2011 (in addition to SMS within the Vodacom, MTN and CellC networks). 

Here's how to send Free SMS to any of your friends in South Africa!

1. Select the Free082 SMS option from the homepage at Free082SMS.co.za 

2. Read through the explanation on the login page: SMS are topped up periodically through out the day so you'll need to check back later if SMS reserves are low when you try to send, or you can try one of the other free SMS options instead; SMS are sent from a generic number, so you need to include your own name/number in the SMS text; noreply.free082sms.co.za (valid link) is inserted at the beginning of your SMS to let recipients know that replies are not supported and to assist them with abuse. Click 'Login' (and tick 'Remember me' to skip the login page next time).

3. Type your SMS message (including your name and contact number), enter a valid South African recipient in the 08x1234567 format and click 'Send'.

4. A status message will confirm that your SMS message has been sent.

5. Your friend (at 0811234567) will receive the SMS and can reply (to your number) for free from Free082SMS.co.za! (works great on PC and mobile)


Anonymous said...

Why is it that this service is forever not available?

Rich said...

If SMS reserves are low then you need to wait until more SMSes are released. Generally there is higher availability during the day than at night...

Anonymous said...

This service once again has not been working for 2 weeks again. Sorry.....blah blah

Anonymous said...

If we were to be accepted then I am sure they would have said it blatantly and not "offer" the course. I am sure that the status is still pending.

Anonymous said...

So I haven't got an offer for GEMP1 but I also haven't gotten rejected. my application status still reads "this decision is subject to conditions...etc."

Does anyone know what this means? Is there a waiting list in case people do not show up for registration? do I still have a small chance?