4 Oct 2011

FSMS versus Free082SMS - Free SMS in South Africa

FSMS is fast becoming (if not already) the dominant Free SMS website in South Africa. Stats from December 2010 showed that FSMS is generating more than 2 million page views a month from more than 35 thousand users, sending an average of 25 thousand SMSes per day.

Technology investment company World of Avatar owns a 50% stake in the company and FSMS boasts South Africa's only free two-way SMS service (SMS are not sent from the senders own phone number, but replies can be picked up on the website).

FSMS is sponsored by on site advertising and in targeted ads appended to the bottom of outgoing SMSes - Demographic information is collected during the registration process.

Free082SMS is a small fry in comparison to FSMS but users can send Free SMS from their own cellphone numbers so replies are delivered directly to the sender's phone as long as the original SMS was sent using a Vodacom, MTN or CellC account. Free082SMS does offer Free SMS to other South African networks as well, but replies are not supported for this option. Free082SMS is sponsored by on site advertising and self promotion in Free SMSes.

Free082SMS generates around 450 thousand pageviews per month with more than 3 thousand Free SMS sent from the site every day.

Free082SMS.co.za is more niche than FSMS.co.za but both sites work well and it all comes down to personal preference really. But please share your preference in the comments below...

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