2 Apr 2011

Vodacom goes red, like Vodafone

I've always wondered if Vodacom would ever adopt the Vodafone branding and yesterday it happened! Vodacom has rebranded to align themselves more obviously with Vodafone who now own 65% of this South African mobile services provider. Vodacom has retained their name (Vodafone + Telkom from the old days) but it's been updated to the Vodafone type face and 'quote' logo. The Vodacom blue has also been replaced with racy Vodafone Red.

Hopefully the new look and feel won't require much more than a few cosmetic changes to the Vodacom website on the back of the Vodacom4me migration, however Vodacom is promising that the rebrand will come with much more than some new lipstick and will accompany many welcome improvements including network upgrades and customer service enhancements. I think the new look is awesome! and I am looking forward to all the new changes. @Vodacom is doing a great job on responding to all sorts of customer queries about the new look on Twitter and I caught this 'historic' image of the old Vodacom logo while it was still cached in Vodacom's Twitter feed, capturing a little piece of Vodacom's brand evolution...

DefZA is in the process of updating his free SMS website to make use of vodacom.co.za since vodacom4me.co.za is now officially offline.

Free082SMS.co.za has also been updated to cope with the new website changes. The new Red Vodacom website at www.vodacom.co.za went down (understandably) as I was typing this post, but I was surprised by this very decent Vodacom maintenance page, which is a welcome improvement on any Vodacom error pages I have seen before.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, even if it means Vodacom is only going to start dealing with problems in a more elegant manner - A welcome change, even if they will not be retiring Mo the Meercat.


Anonymous said...

I miss that vodacom4me site, very occasionally I send a free mms or sms. I wonder if Vodacom still offer it? (the 20 free sms/mms thing)

It appears that the 4me login details don' work anymore.

Tried to register on the new site, but had a look at the new T&C's it allows them to monitor your calls "for business purposes" and marketing.

Very sinister..No way! I don't want some aapie at Vodacom (or their agents) listening to my private conversations yikes! Effectively that's what you giving permission for them to do, if they want to. And they needn't tell you when they do.

Unless I read it wrong but I don't think so.


"..Monitoring or recording of your calls, emails or SMSs may take place for business purposes" ...

Rich said...

Yeah, that is an interesting clause. It's pretty vague though, I'm not sure that they mean they can record customer service type calls? It's scary but I reckon if Vodacom wanted to record your calls for business purposes then you wouldn't need to register at vodacom.co.za to do it... I still use my old Vodacom4me credentials to get in to vodacom.co.za and yep, they do still offer Free SMS - MMS has been phased out though... Check out Free082SMS to send Free Vodacom SMS from your phone as well!