2 Nov 2010

Do Google AdSense Publishers become blind to "Ads by Google"?

I first signed up for the Google AdSense program in 2006, so I have been putting "Ads by Google" on my websites for 4 years now. Google is understandably strict about "click fraud" (clicking your own ads through any method) and will disable AdSense accounts that show suspicious activity.

I have always been paranoid about compromising my income from Google Adsense to the point that I have effectively programmed myself NOT TO CLICK ANY "Ads by Google" on any website, ever. This has been a pretty successful tactic to maintain good standings with Google, but I have no doubt cost other Adsense publishers a good few clicks over the last 4 years. I kind of feel like I owe a general apology, so sorry...

Naturally, I have made a few mistakes here and there and accidentally clicked Google ads that have been placed by very talented AdSense publishers. This sort of experience has been most educational in learning about good ad placement, which I have taken to heart and tried to implement on my own websites.

I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has found that they have programmed themselves to become blind to "Ads by Google"? I guess this could be one reason why you often hear people suggesting that you can make more AdSense money from non-techie websites? The audience is less savvy and probably has less/no reason to "worry" about clicking on Google Ads?

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