29 Sep 2010

Vodacom4me to go offline soon?

Update (2 April 2011): Vodacom4me.co.za is officially offline and the domain now points to My Vodacom - vodacom.co.za

It's old news that Vodacom has revamped their website to include a new and improved "My Vodacom" Portal that is intended (advertised) to replace all Vodacom4me functionality.

The new "My Vodacom" login screen

The old Vodacom4me portal has been running alongside My Vodacom for a good few months now. I was starting to wonder if Vodacom were actually serious about decommissioning Vodacom4me and it seems that the time of action is drawing near.

I noticed the following warning message up at Vodacom4me in the past week (or 2 maybe)...

"Please note that the Vodacom4me website will be switched off soon. If you want to carry on using Vodacom4me for a little longer you can."

So Vodacom is giving ample warning to its users about the switch. I haven't actually used either of the portals for very much more than sending Free Vodacom SMS but I have picked up on rants about the new portal not fully duplicating the old Vodacom4me functionality - I think in terms of reporting (or not reporting) data bundle usage specifically.

Forced to complain I would say that the new Vodacom website is slow and unreliable and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. There have been several occasions (in the few times I have logged in) when My Vodacom has thrown messy error messages at me. I can't say that I never experienced errors on Vodacom4me which is disappointing as one expects improvement with the release of a new site. But we can still hope that Vodacom will address the issues on My Vodacom soon! It is only a matter of time until they start redirecting all Vodacom4me traffic to My Vodacom directly.

In memory of Vodacom4me

In related news, we have updated Free082SMS to send SMS through the new My Vodacom website in anticipation of the switch...

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