18 Jan 2010

7 helpful Firefox add-ons for webmasters

My 7 step guide to being a more efficient webmaster with Firefox add-ons.

1. Shareaholic
Shareaholic makes it easy to add your newly generated content to all of your favourite social / bookmarking websites. Just customise the sites that you would like to include in the drop down menu for easy content submission, without losing your place on the web or forgetting to submit to any popular sharing services.

2. Autofill Forms

Link building and hence link submission is a full time job for a webmaster which amounts to very repetitive work. Autofill Forms allows you to save form profiles so that forms can be pre-populated just once with your details and then used repeatedly to save you from mind numbing and back (if not finger) breaking hours of typing in the same info.

3. Delicious Bookmarks

This add-on gives you access to your Delicious bookmarks directly from within Firefox. You can add to your online library of useful links easily and incentivise yourself to build your own knowledge base and contribute to the Delicious community as your valuable bookmarks will not be stuck on one machine. You won’t be set back if your PC goes down or you move jobs – simply continue to access your online resources as easily as ever.

4. LinkChecker

LinkChecker dutifully scans through all the links on a page and confirms their validity or highlights breakages in red, for peace of mind and fewer worries in the middle of the night.

5. Screengrab

Screengrab is great for saving the entire rendering of a web page or section of a web page as an image – useful for all kinds of applications / scenarios.

6. SearchStatus

SearchStatus provides numerous search engine related page stats for each page. Features I use the most include the Google pagerank and Alexa rank toolbars. SearchStatus also allows you to highlight nofollow links in red – this makes it easy to identify the kind of links that may be on offer from any given website.

7. Firebug

Most webmasters will know Firebug and it always deserves mention as an invaluable tool for inspecting elements by selection and experimenting with code on the fly, as well as displaying server requests and other helpful info.

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