27 Nov 2009

EBPP | Electronic Statements | eMarketing | Webmaster

I am a "webmaster" by day job. But I usually tell people I am in digital marketing and explain further if they are interested.

"I am responsible for striata.com (EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment), Electronic Statements, Utility Billing, eBilling etc. and eMarketing) - I look after technical website aspects (uptime, content management etc) and Search Engine Optimization (attracting valuable business traffic and generating valid leads through search engines)".

Striata is a software development company that was born in South Africa and has expanded into the US, UK, Hong Kong and Australia - The global scope is awesome and being on the web side of things gives me exposure to all sorts of international aspects of the business, it's very exciting.

What I really enjoy about Striata is the far reaching relevance of their product offerings. Efficiency is delivered in terms of cost cutting and going green - What business or organisation would not benefit from this value proposition at the best of times, never mind in our current economic (and global climate change) crisis? Striata is at the cutting edge of business that is synonymous with information technology. Hubspot recently published an article on "digital natives" which made me think of the Striata work force, I learn from the sharp people here every day! But back to what they do...

Striata assists organizations to cut high volume paper communications and costs through electronic communications to facilitate paper suppression, paperless adoption and decreased carbon footprint.

In addition to this , Striata offers eMarketing, as a stand alone service or in conjunction with electronic document delivery. Conventional 'bill stuffers' evolve into paperless 'transpromo' marketing.

View a Striata eBilling Sample.

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